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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Sitting on the patio in early morning,

I watch you watch the bird

The one with the new call

We have not heard

We listen together and wonder.

I sing while you sing

We learn our little duets

Cuddled at bedtime

Your young voice finding the melody,

Searching for the notes to match mine.

You come find us to chat

Just a while before light’s out

Bringing the day’s thoughts and discoveries

Your eagerness to share and to show

Sings out so familiar and known.

You sneak into our bed and burrow,

Sheltering in the cozy lamplight,

Safe and snug in our keep,

I guide you to your bed and lie next to you

Coaxing you to sleep

With the familiar cadence of my prayers and presence.

When I think of each of these, I can hear

Off in the future, yet soon

Though we forget a bit the tune

These refrains will linger and surround;

Little songs

Within a song.

Humming still, they will come along

To one new day further on --

All of this will change and pass away,

Yet remain

When we learn to sing again, a new song.

And the birds will keep right on going

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