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Hope for the Darkest Night of the Year

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Sometime when the night is so dark

And the dawn feels ages away,

Lost in so many cares and worries

Entangled, sleepless and worn

You pull back the rumpled sheets

Rise up from your bed

Pull on boots and jacket

Go out into the still, starry night

And look up.

You stare into that light studded sky

Until one lone flame grows bigger and brighter,


And you know then

That you need to set off.

Trudging through the snow

You go looking for God knows what.

You go

With a burden to carry --

For you have tucked things up in sleeves and pockets

Treasures and burdens

Hopes fears loves and losses

You follow that one small, alluring star

Even when the nocturnal walk seems to go on for days, months, or years.

And you fear now you are finally and utterly,


When you reach a field

or a spot that looks just like the rest

And a cry rings out --

The startling sound

Of one small babe in the night

And you know that you know that it was for this that you came.

When you reach the place where he lies

You stop and look.

His soft baby arms reach out for you, for the comfort of your embrace.

The burdens you have carried

Carefully you place next to so many other treasures left before.

So that you can reach out and pick up this child in your arms --

And you hold him.

You hold him under moon and morning star.

You hold this precious one.

You hold him.

And later when you find yourself back in bed

Pondering all these things in your heart,

You remember the feel of that little one asleep in your arms

And you feel deeper still

The lightness and

The hope,

The knowing

That it is you who are being held.

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