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In My Other Life

~For Hasna~

In my other life

I live just down the sunny block

From you, sweet friend

At the end of your palm tree street

In the white cement house with the

Wooden door painted blue

You and I we come and go

Ringing at each other’s gate

Just as we please, no technology necessary

We bring whatever we carry with us that day

Stories, tears, worry, excitements, questions

Freshly picked mint and red roses from your garden

We put our daily tasks on pause for a while

over mint tea and croissants with almonds

Our kids run around and play in the garden

They still climb like monkeys your lemon tree

We laugh and watch and shake our heads

At how they grow and how they remain the same

But in this life

I will call you now

We will meet halfway over the ocean somewhere

Between your street and mine

I will hear your warm voice greeting me

And your little ones chattering in the background

We will mix our French and English

You will ask me what are you making for dinner and

I’ll ask you how is your mother

We will sit around a table hovering over the air

I’ll bring the cake and you’ll pour the tea.

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