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What An American Christian Learned Living in a Muslim Country Part 2: Inchallah=I'm not in Charge.

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

In 2008 my husband and I and our two-year-old son moved to Morocco. During the next six years, two more children were born there. We found our way through life in a very different culture, with many ups and downs. Morocco is an Islamic country and its economy is developing. I learned so many things - things that I am very grateful for and that I hope have forever changed me.

In Morocco I noticed quickly how the phrase Inchallah is a part of everyday, even every moment. It is spoken constantly.The Muslim phrase Inchallah (God willing) was something I heard constantly and had to ponder. Sometimes, it could feel like an excuse for not following through, like when the car mechanic would say it after telling you your car would be done tomorrow. But for me it was really something to be worked through and even embraced! In the book of James, it says we should say that if it is God’s will we will do this or that. How rarely do we say that? Or even think it? As Americans, we quickly jump to what we can do to make our plans happen or what we can do to avoid something we don’t like from happening. Inchallah is a very good reminder that I am not the one calling all the shots. Though for us it may be especially difficult in our self-reliant American way of thinking and acting, I can give my to-do list over to God, and choose to release it. I can also hand over the big things to Him. He is God. Humdulillah! Thanks be to God! (Another phrase I heard all the time)

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