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Will You Swing By?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Two years and one day ago, my father-in-law, Larry Livesay, passed away. This is a poem I wrote for him. Six months ago today, my Aunt Fifi passed away. Five days ago, my only other aunt, Mary Beth, passed away. Death is hard. But I do want to wait with faith and hope for all that is to come. For now, I will pray and remember and listen to the melodies of Mary Beth's wind chimes ringing out crisp and clear in my frozen yard.

The Fall is almost gone now

Cold air has moved in

And the last remains of Summer's garden

Frozen in the yard.

After we make it through

The cold first Winter without you

Without you here to pop in

Sit around our table

When we have passed all the holidays without you

Pushed on through the dark cold of January

We will head into Spring


Very slowly

But when it comes

We will miss your arrival --

Tomato and onion plants in hand.

We will try our best

To build the patio without you.

Without your sure hands

And the boys talking to you

Your laughter and toil

Will you swing by then?

In the Spring

Oh please do.

Please come by

I know we will plant tomatoes

And onions

Lay plans

And place bricks

Without you --

But will you swing by?

We will be thinking of you in our Springtime yard.

Will you whisper to us

One of your tips --

Or two?

Because I don't think it would go

Nearly so well without you.

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